Implant Supported Complete & Partial Dentures

Dentures replace large segments of teeth as well as missing gingival tissue. While partial dentures may be able to rely on a few remaining teeth to support and stabilize that prosthesis, complete dentures rely on a precision fit to the gums and an even bite to keep them from moving or being dislodged. In some patients, this is not a satisfactory solution.

The lower denture, with its smaller contact area to the gum and the forces exerted by the movement of the tongue and floor of the mouth, can make chewing and eating challenging. Two or more implants may be placed to anchor the denture in place and eliminate vertical and lateral movement. The denture is still partially supported by gum tissue and therefore has micromovement, but the stability provided by the implants can significantly improve performance and patient satisfaction.

Implant Supported Prostheses
Implants can also be placed under partials to improve there stability, function, and help in bone maintenance. Often implants are added slowly over time under a denture or partial until such time as enough implants are in place to support a fixed prosthesis.

Some patients like the idea of not being able to remove the prosthesis, but cannot move immediately to that treatment option. Transitioning over time from a denture to an implant supported denture to an implant supported crown and bridge option is appealing to many patients and can help simplify many complex cases.

The abutment used to support dentures and partials is different from those that support crowns or bridges. These abutments connect via a replaceable nylon insert to a housing imbedded in the denture or partial. These inserts can be changed to increase the retention (or the amount of force it takes to remove the denture) or if the insert has become worn with time. This arrangement makes the prosthesis very serviceable and significantly extends its lifespan.

Brad Hall, DMD and his staff take great pride in the complete upper and lower dentures as well as removable partial dentures that we deliver in our office, but there is no doubt that in most cases, implants significantly improve their performance.

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