Most dental extractions can be performed in our office without a referral to an oral surgeon. In cases where a referral is needed, our office staff will assist you with making your appointment and getting any information that the surgeon will need to their office prior to your appointment.

While tooth removal is generally a simple and uneventful procedure, it is not uncommon for patients to have apprehension about the process. Dr. Hall and his team are aware of and sympathetic to those concerns.

IV Sedation can be used relieve anxiety during any surgical procedure. Regardless of whether a patient is sedated or not, Dr. Hall and his team strive to treat all patients with the highest level of compassion and understanding.

A common concern associated with surgical procedures is pain following the procedure. Although discomfort can be expected, a pain management strategy will be mapped out prior to any procedure based on the type of procedure as well as the patient’s individual medical history. Dr. Hall follows patients closely after surgical procedures.

Bone grafting can be provided at the time of extraction to minimize bone loss in the area or to prepare the site for dental implant placement.

Dr. Hall will work with you to develop a tooth replacement strategy that works for you, should you require an extraction.


When you schedule an appointment, that time will be reserved especially for you. We recognize that your time is valuable and strive to minimize your wait.

“ I am impressed not only by the friendly yet professional people who work in the office (their kindness, promptness, and thoroughness) but also by Dr. Hall’s approachable demeanor...”